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If you know your district, please skip to the District Director email list below and send your question to your District Director.

If you do not know your district and cannot find it in the list attached, please send your question to the General Information email. Please include your name, email address, telephone number, and PTA unit name and your question will be forwarded to the correct District Director.

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There are six regions and 21 districts within Virginia PTA. There are also councils within each district.

This map illustrates the locations of some of the local units, councils and districts that belong to Virginia PTA. Each marker indicates a local unit PTA, council PTA or District PTA.

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Virginia PTA offers many opportunities for members to participate in leadership training, grassroots advocacy, networking and governance of the association. Many of these opportunities are also available within each of our District PTAs.

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2020-2021 Local Unit & Council Officers Contact Information

Due: June 15 of each year

IMPORTANT!!!!  Virginia PTA is converting to MemberHub for our record management system.  MemberHub offers local units, councils, districts and state-level leaders a number of tools to make running our PTAs easier. Please complete all your officers and committee chair information on the form below.  The state office will record the President, Treasurer, and Membership VP/Chair into MemberHub database.  You will receive an email from MemberHub welcoming you to the database and introducing you to the system and its benefits.  Once you create a password for the email you provided you will have access to the database and can then upload your remaining officers and give those you want access to work in the database.

PTAs/PTSAs Actively Using MemberHub Database

Submit your officers' information directly into MemberHub database.  We ask that you also include your school Principal contact information.

PTAs/PTSAs New to MemberHub Database

MemberHub provides units with record and membership management, communication hubs, document storage for your unit.  Please use the webform below and complete only the contact information for your incoming President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership VP/Chair.  The Virginia PTA office will update your officer information in the MemberHub database and you will receive a welcome email along with some tutorials and reference information to help you set up your PTA/PTSA account.  You will be able to add all remaining officers and Principal information into the database.


OFFICER CONTACT INFORMATION: Please update your unit’s officer contact information with the Virginia PTA State Office as soon as your officers are elected, but no later than June 15. Please provide officer contact information even if this is your second term. Failure to provide officer contact information by June 15 could result in a disruption of services provided by Virginia PTA such as district and state mailings, electronic communications, and other services and benefits.  

Fall elections - please resubmit new officers’ information at that time.

All information is considered the property and confidential information of Virginia PTA and is not shared or sold to any outside party.


Virginia PTA strives to communicate effectively with all PTAs while reducing our carbon footprint.  Virginia PTA’s electronic newsletters, the VOICE, and ACTION ALERTS are automatically sent to email addresses.  You may unsubscribe at any time by following instructions published in each issue.  Some important information is shared via email, but twice a year a mailing is done to the unit president.   

If there are changes to officer contact information, please provide updates to the state office at to ensure your current officers receive electronic communications.

Thank you

Thank you for submitting your VA PTA Officer Form.

The information you submitted will be emailed to the contact email address provided. If any of the information changes during the year, please contact us.

Thank you

Thank you for submitting the VA PTA online web form.

The information you submitted will be emailed to the contact email address provided. If any of the information changes during the year, please contact us.


Writing Resolutions

December 15, 2019 is the submissions deadline for resolutions to be considered at the January 2020 Virginia PTA Annual Meeting.

Virginia PTA, as one of 54 congresses of the National PTA, is part of the largest and oldest non-partisan child advocacy association in the United States.

Resolutions are one way that we share our research with each other and formally communicate a researched action, opinion or needed solution to address a concern which affects children and youth statewide. Resolutions are adopted every year at our Annual Meeting by General Membership.

There are two main parts of a resolution:

Whereas Statements: Shares researched FACTS that EXPLAIN WHY the action in the resolved clauses is important and needs collaborative work.

Resolved Statements: States the ACTION that you want to happen in order to address a concern or express the opinion or will of the association.

Your school PTA may adopt a resolution to formally share concerns and a needed action with your School Board or Superintendent. If the solution required is a statewide concern or requires changes to the state code, regulations or funding formulas, you can send your resolution to the Virginia PTA to elevate your concern so that parents and teachers across the state can join you in asking for change.

A resolution submitted to the Virginia PTA should:

  • Relate to the education, health, safety or welfare of children and youth, or parental education and involvement of parents across Virginia;
  • Be in harmony with the basic policies and purposes of the National PTA and Virginia PTA, as stated in the bylaws;
  • State a position not previously adopted by Virginia PTA or National PTA;
  • Cite three (3) different background references which were published no more than six (6) years ago for each “Whereas” statement of fact to show that the issue is statewide in scope. Note, position statements or materials of National PTA may not be used as reference materials.
  • Describe the action you want taken by Virginia PTA members, administrators, legislators or influential parties to solve the problem.

Do you know of a situation or concern which affects children and youth statewide and requires a statewide solution?

The Virginia PTA Resolution Committee encourages PTA members, units, councils and districts to propose resolutions of interest on which they want the Virginia PTA and it’s members to take action.

To be considered, all resolutions must be submitted using the Virginia PTA resolutions template and be signed by the President or Director of a local unit, council or district that is in good standing.

Submitted resolutions will be reviewed by the Virginia PTA Resolutions Committee to determine if the submission criteria are met and whether or not the National PTA or Virginia PTA have already addressed the issue through a different resolution or position statement. The Virginia PTA Resolutions Committee may work with the maker of any submitted resolution to combine or edit the resolutions to prepare the resolution for discussion at the Virginia PTA Annual Meeting.

Resolutions that are approved by voting delegates at the Virginia PTA Annual meeting automatically become advocacy priorities for the following year.

Virginia PTA 2019-2020 Resolutions Committee 

  • Jenna Alexander, Chairperson
  • Debbie Kilpatrick
  • Joy Phillips
  • Donna Colombo


Please email the Resolutions Chair ( if you need help or have questions.


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