Strategic Goal # 2: Broaden the Scope and Training of all Members

A. Develop PTA basic skills training for local unit members that are accessible and available.

Specific Result: A continually updated 'database' of basic training modules would be readily available to assist the immediate basic skills needed at local unit level. These modules would include but not be limited to online tutorials, webinars, webinars, and other leadership training opportunities.

VIRGINIA PTA is focused on the future. To accomplish its mission, Virginia PTA needs a vision for the future, as well as clearly defined goals, guidelines, and initiatives.

The following plan, approved by the Virginia PTA Board of Managers on April 30, 2011, is the result of many hours of discussion and deliberation regarding how best to meet the PTA Vision of making every child’s potential a reality.

Preface Statement: Virginia PTA recognizes that we must reach a more mobile, culturally and generationally diverse population. Within this plan, we have addressed our strengths and weaknesses and established a clear and concise message of who we are and will be by 2014. We must lay the groundwork to provide the skills to enable members in becoming effective leaders in order to continue as Virginia’s leading child advocacy group. We do this in order to make every child’s potential a reality.

“If the past could speak to the present, it would remind us all that each of us in PTA is the history. The names and deeds may fade from our collective memory, but the constant efforts of thousands of dedicated PTA members, working in local units through the years to improve the lives of children in Virginia is written boldly in a higher place. It says simply, “these were people who cared.”

Delores Delaney – VA PTA President 1987-1989

Strategic Goal # 3: Develop Effective Two-Way Communication Methods

A. Identify areas for web site improvement.

Specific Result: Sustain a website that supports the current needs of local units.

Strategic Goal #1: Retain And Increase Membership

A. Educate all stakeholders to promote the value of PTA.

Specific Result: Membership will increase by 5% in 2011/12, and another 5% in 2012/13

Strategic Goal #4: Ensure Long-Term Financial Viability

A. Assess existing financial procedures and ensure fiscal accountability.

Specific Result: Operate within a balanced budget.

Strategic Goal #5: Improve Organizational Effectiveness

A. Improve the effectiveness of the VA Board of Managers to meet the needs of the association.

Specific Result: The needs of the association will be met by the Board of Managers (BOM) as the Board will provide effective and improved services to local units, councils, and districts.