Strategic Goal # 2: Broaden the Scope and Training of all Members

A. Develop PTA basic skills training for local unit members that are accessible and available.

Specific Result: A continually updated 'database' of basic training modules would be readily available to assist the immediate basic skills needed at local unit level. These modules would include but not be limited to online tutorials, webinars, webinars, and other leadership training opportunities.

Assess and develop a PTA training tool for every member on the website "The Guide to PTA".Assess and develop training sessions that can be used consistently by any trainer across the state.Update the website to include section for FAQs.Post all available training dates throughout the state including districts and councils on the website to allow cross participation.Assess the need for multi-lingual training materials and develop as needed.

B. Offer training and resources for all membership levels that are not only accessible, but also applicable and affordable.

Specific Result: Provide PTA membership with specific training and materials that are relevant to their PTA goals.

Develop job specific trainings and materials.Offer day long regional training sessions that do not require long distance travel or overnight hotel stays.Update the Local Unit Resource Guide (LURG) and other training materials monthly and post to the website so that they are readily available and easily accessible.Use technology to offer online access to video trainings, webinars, and e-learning communities.

C. Develop a calendar that would correspond training with the timing of actual membership needs.

Specific Result: PTA Leaders would have a reminder of upcoming tasks with training modules scheduled to review/reteach strategies to accomplish their goals. The comprehensive calendar would include the basic PTA tasks for a local member and board member needs to be successful.

Review current PTA best practices and identify timeline for training opportunities.Gather detailed list of deadlines and events of PTA interest and the person responsible for that task.Have a detailed calendar on the Virginia PTA website that would be virtual, downloadable, and compatible with Google calendar.Offer specific trainings compatible with the time of year (ex: audits offered in June; citizenship essay in November).

D. Provide leadership training to encourage the future development of leaders in every aspect of the PTA.

Specific Result: All members would have access to training dates across the state and would feel welcomed to attend.

Address training invitations to all PTA members (rather than Dear PTA Local Unit Leaders).Identify and develop qualified trainers from across the state.Encourage local units to place flyers on their PTA websites, newsletters, and social media pages or home in backpacks.Host regional events in neutral areas such as libraries or community centers.Establish and implement a plan to recruit and train district and/or council leadership.