Strategic Goal # 3: Develop Effective Two-Way Communication Methods

A. Identify areas for web site improvement.

Specific Result: Sustain a website that supports the current needs of local units.

Provide user-friendly on-line experience for local units.Identify and secure skilled web-designer to assist with web-design and maintenance.Maintain up-to-date information in a timely manner.Incorporate social media to engage members.Provide web forms to be submitted on-line; i.e. officer form.Provide capability for training webinars for local units.Make it easier to navigate, more attractive and cleaner – see

B. Identify, research and implement a web-based meeting solution for Board of Managers (BOM) and training at all levels.

Specific Result: Provide ease-of-access training for all PTA members regardless of involvement level.

Research and select electronic or web-based meeting solutions.Create a booklet of electronic or web-based meeting solutions for the BOM with specific direction on when/how to use.Utilize electronic or web-based meeting whenever possible to minimize cost and increase ease-of- access.Adapt LTC basic trainings into webinars.

C. Research and implement on-line Proposed Legislation Program (PLP) voting methods.

Specific Result: Allow members to utilize on-line voting to increase participation.

Research and select the best avenue for on-line voting to use for PLP.Identify responsible person to oversee on-line PLP voting.Provide information to assist local units in participating and conducting on-line PLP voting.

D. Develop methods to communicate directly with the individual member levels.

Specific Result: Communication is ongoing and useful between all levels of VA PTA.

Add social media links on website.Provide interactive calendar on website that includes all programs across the state.Host online and electronic chats with state chairpersons to link local unit member leaders.Collect contact information for local unit members/officers.

E. Develop methods of communication as an option for members who do not have access to technology.

Specific Result: Implement methods for reaching rural PTAs.

Provide personal visits from state leaders.Offer printed copies of PTA materials as requested.Recruit full district boards, and provide mentorship, in less-served areas.Conduct monthly conference calls for specific areas; i.e. membership, fundraising, programs.