Strategic Goal #1: Retain And Increase Membership

A. Educate all stakeholders to promote the value of PTA.

Specific Result: Membership will increase by 5% in 2011/12, and another 5% in 2012/13

Teach value of PTA to all leaders at LTC and any other training opportunities, to ensure appropriate recruitment and marketing strategies are utilized.Market the value of PTA, and membership in it, at every program and in every publication. Make it meaningful and relevant.Reach out to potential student members as a means for fostering civic involvement in their own school community.Provide specific talking points to local unit, council and district leaders to enable them to promote value of PTA to their stakeholders.Specifically train principals and other education system stakeholders on the value of PTA.Collaborate with other groups with similar goals and values, i.e. booster clubs.Broadcast PTA PSAs statewide.

B. Extend the reach of membership to mirror Virginia's demographic.

Specific Result: Our Membership and State Leadership roles will be more representative of the demographic makeup of our state.

Create and implement a membership campaign directed at potential male members.Create and implement a membership campaign directed at potential student members.Create and implement a membership campaign focused on cultural, ethnic and minority groups.

C. Create membership programs and tools that help retain and increase members.

Specific Result: Membership Chairpersons will utilize programs and tools to increase membership at the local unit level.

Develop membership messages for leaders to share significance of PTA membership.Utilize YouTube to share membership benefit videos.Videotape LTC presentations for on-line membership training.Re-invent the membership awards so that they are more meaningful.Create partnerships with retailers to benefit all members of PTA within state.Have regional membership training opportunities.Create membership campaign consistent with the annual membership theme.

D. Investigate and implement avenues that specifically target secondary student membership.

Specific Result: Student memberships in VA PTSAs will increase by 10%.

Market to students on their level through social media, text messaging, on-line resources, etc.Create a student leadership program with trainings geared towards developing tomorrow's leaders.Identify and promote the use of academic success programs to assist secondary students and their families in post secondary preparation.Use a specific and separate marketing campaign for student members.Develop information for middle schools to incorporate student members.Create a list of potential partners specifically beneficial to PTSAs.

E. Create membership programs and tools that increase number of local units.

Specific Result: State leaders will utilize programs and tools that increase number of local units.

Develop recruitment message for state leaders to promote benefits of PTA to potential local units.Provide district leaders training in approaching potential local units.Distribute New Unit Resource Guide as requested, followed by a personal call and assistance.Utilize YouTube to share PTA benefits videos.