Strategic Goal #4: Ensure Long-Term Financial Viability

A. Assess existing financial procedures and ensure fiscal accountability.

Specific Result: Operate within a balanced budget.

Develop and maintain a realistic budget for the association, based on current membership numbers and realistic revenue expectations.Evaluate current budget development process for effectiveness and implement changes as needed.Review and amend adopted annual budget as necessary to present an accurate financial record of the association.Develop written narrative to explain line items in the budget.Promote financial responsibility and accountability to all PTA leaders through training and information in all PTA publications.

B. Evaluate and improve dues payment structure.

Specific Result: Full payment of all dues revenue collected.

Develop a structure for monthly payment of dues by local units.Establish a method for notification to local units for dues payments, to include a payment booklet, followed up with electronic and hard copy reminders.Research and implement a feasible electronic method for dues payment.

C. Explore new non-dues revenue opportunities.

Specific Result: Increase non-dues revenue.

Recruit grant writers to serve on Resource Development committee.Evaluate effectiveness of Virginia PTA store and seek ways to increase revenue from operation. Seek a dedicated volunteer to maintain, operate and promote Virginia PTA store.Explore and implement new and varied ways for vendors to participate and generate non-dues revenue.Seek new and varied sponsorships for events, programs and publications of Virginia PTA that align with Virginia PTA mission and purposes.Pursue opportunities for more and varied pass through grants for programs such as Healthy Lifestyle, Parent Engagement, and Arts in Education.Develop and maintain a database of vendors, exhibitors, sponsors and grants, to provide a historical record.