Strategic Goal #5: Improve Organizational Effectiveness

A. Improve the effectiveness of the VA Board of Managers to meet the needs of the association.

Specific Result: The needs of the association will be met by the Board of Managers (BOM) as the Board will provide effective and improved services to local units, councils, and districts.

Evaluate current BOM structure to implement this strategic plan.Review other state PTAs organizational structure and best practices. Develop a plan for implementation of updated or revised structure to serve the needs of the association.Establish and implement a plan to develop leadership in underserved districts.Make appropriate changes to the BOM structure as needed, specific to the implementation of this plan.

B. Improve the effectiveness of the state office to meet the needs of the association.

Specific Result: The needs of the association will be met by the state office staff. The State Office will provide effective and improved services to the Board of Managers (BOM), local units, councils and districts.

Identify the needs of the association for state office services through a survey of the Board of Managers.Review other state PTAs central office staffing to determine organization structure and best practices.Define what it means for the state office to be effective and efficient. Develop tasks to meet the definition of effectiveness.Evaluate procedures to measure the effectiveness of the office staff to meet the needs of the association:

Evaluation Options:

  • Review current responsibilities of BOM and office staff to determine if duties overlap.
  • Determine if state office staff can accomplish duties currently being performed by BOM members.
  • Implement procedure for initial contact for programs and awards submissions and notifications; Determine if initial process of program applications and award recipients could be served primarily by the office staff in partnership with committees and officers.
  • Identify technological systems and other resources needed to assist office staff in task fulfillment.
  • Evaluate utilization of electronic delivery of information to stakeholders with measured results in increased cost reduction and effective time management of central office staff.
  • Assess need for additional paid office staff to accomplish re-distributed duties.

5. Evaluate and improve delivery of communications to BOM, districts, councils, and local units;

Evaluation options:

  • Train staff about PTA levels, requirements, and programs to ensure understanding of in-coming requests.
  • Implement plans for quick response to inquiries with knowledgeable and correct information as quality and consistency of information determines customers' confidence in staff responses.
  • Determine availability of state office staff to oversee web site, Bulletin, and Voice communication tools.

C. Expand the scope, knowledge and use of PTA Programs.

Specific Result: Local unit leaders and members will have easier access and knowledge of PTA programs.

Evaluate the website regarding programs. The website program information should be easy for members to access.Determine how to keep website information up to date.Redesign the LURG so that it is easier for local units to use.Update all program handbooks so they focus on local unit needs.Develop a program based Great Ideas bank.Promote use of the Local Unit Resource Guide by all stakeholders.Utilize the Voice e-newsletter as an effective tool to promote PTA programs.

D. Market the value and image of PTA.

Specific Result: Create a positive, current and diverse image of the PTA.

Evaluate the current image and marketing plan of the Virginia PTA.Review the possibility of hiring a Marketing Consultant that has non-profit experience.Create a marketing plan:

a) Provide information about Virginia PTA as a child advocacy group

b) Update image to reflect the diversity of our members and leaders

c) Advertise

4. Evaluate the Bulletin as an effective marketing and informational tool for the Virginia PTA.

E. Implement a plan to combine LTC and Convention.

Specific Result: Event Logistics. Given a planned implementation of Summer 2012, logistics for a combined event must be set by November 2011- dates, location, cost estimate per member.

Determine time of year to hold event- Summer (LTC) or Fall (Convention) with needed implementation of combined event in 2012.Determine number of days needed to conduct all business of the association while maintaining integrity of leadership training that is so successful with LTC.Name combined event chair and committee summer 2011 (assuming summer 2012 implementation).Determine best location option for event- school (LTC) or Convention-type center.Develop an event schedule based on number of days needed to include multiple workshop sessions, sufficient hours to conduct business, offer time to vendors, and present awards.Identify which awards/presentations (if any) should be made at combined event (Reflections, Child Advocate, Membership, Volunteers, Nurses, etc.)Ultimately determine registration cost (goal) per participant.

F. Implement the plan to combine LTC and Convention.

Specific Result: Review and update all internal processes of the association so that a combined LTC/Convention event is possible.

Conduct a full review of Virginia PTA By-laws and identify any changes that would need to be made to implement a combined event.Prepare identified By-laws amendments for Convention 2011.Conduct a full review of Virginia PTA SOP and identify any changes that would need to be made to implement a combined event.Prepare any SOP amendments as needed.Conduct a full review of all committee work to determine any concerns/issues with a combined event especially Resolutions, Legislation, Membership, Reflections.Conduct a full review of current BOM meeting schedule. Make changes to the schedule so that all Board work can be conducted and meetings held given a combined event held in the summer.Conduct a full review of statewide mailing schedule to determine changes so that all mailings are right timed with appropriate information given a combined summer event.Develop a post-convention/election training schedule that would meet the requirements of National PTA.

G. Implement the plan to combine LTC and Convention

Specific Result: Develop an election cycle transition plan given new Convention time-frames.

Gather information from other states that have made transition to combined event to see what they decided with terms for officers and election cycles.Given a summer combined event (most likely scenario) decide if terms should be shortened or extended for one election cycle.Develop a plan for implementing new election cycles including updates to timeframes for NLDC and Bylaws provisos and changes.

H. Implement the plan to combine LTC and Convention.

Specific Results: Plan and market new combined LTC/Convention event.

Identify logo/theme for combined event by November 2011 (assuming summer 2012 event).Gather information from Local Units on their concerns/request/feedback on a combined event. Ask them what they'd like to see, what they don't want to see etc.Develop marketing strategy for messaging the benefit of combining the two events. Market this message statewide.Implement full marketing strategy at Convention 2011 (assuming summer 2012 implementation). Celebrate this new event BIG at Convention 2011!