Bylaws represent the most important legal document of a PTA, establishing and protecting the rights of the membership. A unit's bylaws link the association to Virginia PTA and national PTA by which they are chartered. Bylaws represent the written contract between the membership and the PTA's elected officials, specifying what duties and responsibilities are assigned to each respective group. For these reasons, it is critical that all bylaws be current, clear in intent and an accurate representation of the way a local unit conducts the business of the association.

The general membership is the ultimate governing body of a local PTA and only the general membership has the authority to approve revisions or amendments to local unit bylaws.

PTA officers, committee chairmen and members should work toward acquiring a working knowledge of their bylaws. Having a standing Bylaws Chair on the local PTA board will help to guard the unit's "good standing" status by insuring compliance with bylaws; bylaws are current within the 5-year period; and that required revisions and amendments are prepared and submitted for approval to Virginia PTA following procedures found in their bylaws under the Article titled, "Bylaws Revisions and Amendments".

To request a copy of your unit bylaws, email State Office.

The most recent bylaws were voted on and approved by the general membership at the 2019 Annual Meeting and Advocacy Conference, January 26-27, 2019.

District Bylaws

Current bylaws are required to be considered a district in good standing.  Virginia PTA requires bylaws revision and approval every five years.

The tools below support the revision process. Please Contact Us with any questions.


Annual Changes:

Local Unit, Council and District bylaws amendments are adopted annually by the delegates attending the Virginia PTA Annual Conference.

The approved pounded (#) amendments automatically replace the language in your current bylaws with no action to amend on your part.  Please review the amendments approved since your current bylaws took effect and attach a copy of the pounded (#) amendments to your current bylaws.

Local Unit Bylaws

Current bylaws are required to be a unit in good standing.  Virginia PTA requires bylaws revision and approval every five years.

Tip to Speed up Bylaws Approval:  Remember to assign duties and number the vice presidents - if you have two or more vice presidents in your bylaws. 

The tools below support the revision process.  Please Contact Us with any questions.

Local Unit: