APPENDIX B: Organizational Meeting Agenda

[PTA NAME] Organizational Meeting Agenda


[Date, Time]

NOTE: Be sure to obtain names of all attendees which will become part of the meeting minutes. Dowload sample agenda below.

APPENDIX C: Duty Checklist Of Newly Elected Officers

President Check List (check off as completed)

Organizing A New PTA

Welcome! We are excited that you have taken the first step towards becoming a PTA.

This guide is designed to walk you through the process of organizing your new local unit. Should you have any questions as you read through this material, please contact:

  • Your District Director information in the cover letter with this package or... Go to and look under district listing.
  • Your Extension Committee
  • Your VAPTA state office at or (866) 482-5437/ (866) 4VA-KIDS

You have chosen to be a part of something great. The PTA has almost 5 million members nationally and over 300,000 members in Virginia alone. We offer an extensive support network to assist local units. Anyone may take the first step toward organizing a local unit. When you take the initiative in organizing a PTA, you should always enlist the support of the school principal or superintendent, several teachers and even community leaders. It is important that all people involved are committed to the mission, objectives, basic policies, and guiding principles PTA.

PHASE I: Step-By-Step Process To Form A New PTA

If at any point you are confused, please contact the state office or for help.

This is one of the many services we offer your unit, a strong support base to call on for assistance.

PHASE II: Step-By-Step Process To Form A New PTA

Congratulations! You have taken all the steps to become a chartered PTA Unit.

Now there are just a few more tasks you need to complete to become "Official".

PHASE III: Step-By-Step Process To Form A New PTA

When you receive confirmation from the Virginia PTA with your PTA Unit ID Number (will be emailed to the President listed on your officer form), you will want to take these next steps. Continuing the energy is key to creating an active PTA. Involve as many members as possible in the beginning stages of your local unit.