PHASE I: Step-By-Step Process To Form A New PTA

If at any point you are confused, please contact the state office or for help.

This is one of the many services we offer your unit, a strong support base to call on for assistance.

  • Step ONE:
    Check the National PTA website to find out if a local unit already exists at your school. Use the look-up feature at Find Your PTA. There may have been a unit at one time that you are not aware.
  • Step TWO:
    If you haven't already done so, contact the Virginia PTA state office to notify them of your intentions to organize a local unit. You can either send an e-mail to that contains your contact information including address, phone number and e-mail along with the name of the school or call the state office at (866)482-5437.
  • Step THREE:
    You will receive a letter with contact information for the District Director or other Board of Managers member in your area who will offer to assist you. You may have already received this letter and are already past this point! Good job!
  • Step FOUR:
    Make contact with your District Director or Board of Managers member. This person can be a strong supporter of your efforts. Their contact information will have been provided in the initial mailing to interest request. If you do not have this information, please contact the state office at or and they will provide it to you. It is important to have your official organization and chartering take place under the guidance and direction of this representative. The state representative makes sure that your group meets the eligibility requirements and explains the necessary procedures.
  • Step FIVE:
    Call an Informational Meeting where you will form a planning committee and meet. Identify others interested in a PTA and invite them to be a part of the planning process. The responsibility of this group is to make definite plans for an Organizational meeting. Select a chair and a secretary of the planning committee to undertake these responsibilities until officers are elected. Survey the attendees to see who is willing to be nominated for office. At this meeting you will complete Step Six.
  • Step SIX:
    Organize committees, minimum are bylaws, nominations, and membership. These committees are strongly suggested, and the group may optionally form a publicity and hospitality to help get the word out and to have a plan for refreshments at your organizational meeting. Each committee should begin work so that they will have a plan to present at the organizational meeting. See Appendix A for complete listing of suggested committees and their responsibilities.
  • Step SEVEN:
    The Nominating committee will be charged with finding officers to submit to the body when formed. Send out nominations forms for officers to all eligible people.
  • Step EIGHT:
    Set a time and place for the Organizational meeting. Let your state PTA representative, typically the District Director and Field Service Chair ( know the date so that they can attend or have another state representative to address your attendees and to provide information and materials about PTA. The state representative will be helpful in making sure that your group meets all the criteria required.
  • Step NINE:
    Prepare copies (or provide a way for all to see a copy via overhead projector, etc.) of your proposed bylaws to be distributed at the organizational meeting. All new units are encouraged to use the state field service/bylaws committee to assist with the original set of your bylaws. If you wish you may complete the form in Appendix E and email it to A bylaws template and instructions are also available in the New Unit Document Package (see below) or for additional help, contact These individuals can get you the answers to any questions you may have.
  • Step TEN:
    Publicize the Organizational Meeting. You can use the "Notice of Intent" (See Appendix F for sample) which includes all pertinent information such as (1) when the meeting is taking place, (2) where the meeting is taking place, (3) who should attend, (4) why they should attend, (5) whom to contact for more to all parents, teachers and other school staff, and community members. Place posters around school, on school website and use your school's marquee sign. Work closely with the principal and/or superintendent to get the word out to your potential members. You may consider placing a notice in the local newspaper, contact other media sources and/or consider making personal calls to prominent parents and enthusiastic teachers or placing notes in school staff members' mailboxes to remind them of the meeting date.
  • Step ELEVEN:
    Hold your Organizational Meeting, preferably at the school to which you will be affiliated. WELCOME everyone who attends. Consider nametags if there will be people who do not know each other. To prepare for the organizational meeting, the temporary chairman and temporary secretary should make an agenda. See Appendix B for a sample agenda or follow the suggestions in Appendix C. Your goal for this meeting is to actually form and charter your new unit.