PHASE II: Step-By-Step Process To Form A New PTA

Congratulations! You have taken all the steps to become a chartered PTA Unit.

Now there are just a few more tasks you need to complete to become "Official".

Should you have any questions, your District Director or Extension Committee chair is still here to help you. While your local unit is independent, you still have the support of your city/county council*, district and state representative. *City/County Councils are not available in all areas.

Task ONE:
ASAP - Mail your New Unit packet with the following items to the State PTA Office, 1027 Wilmer Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23227-2419.

  • Dues ($3.25 per member) using the Local Unit Remittance Statement Form
  • Two (2) copies of the approved bylaws with signed cover letter attached
  • 501(c)(3) Request for Determination Letter (this will assist you in getting your tax exempt letter)

THEN: Request the following:

  • EIN number – using IRS Form SS-4 - form may also be obtained by visiting the IRS website,
  • Open up a bank account, make sure to use the EIN number (never use the SS# of an officer or the schools EIN).
  • As a Local Unit PTA, you will be a non-profit organization. Your group exemption number for your EIN request is 3229.

Task TWO:
Call a meeting of elected officers for the purpose of setting goals, creating standing committees and selecting chairs. These chairs will make up the rest of your executive board. Discuss basic goals for the upcoming year and agree on a few simple areas to concentrate your unit's efforts.
Task THREE: Review any materials given to you by your District Director or state representative. Review the duties of each officer in your bylaws. Specific suggested officer responsibilities to a new unit are listed in Appendix D.

Task FOUR:
Arrange for training of your board. You may qualify for free attendance at our yearly Leadership Training Event. Email the Field Service Chair for more info or you may choose to attend an upcoming District training or if there will be more than six months until those training opportunities are available, you may request training from the Extension Committee Chair ( This individual can forward you official Virginia PTA training modules or they may assign a state representative(s) to come to your unit for leadership training. Your District Director for Field Service Chair can provide you with dates and times of upcoming training opportunities.

Task FIVE:
Start your PTA History Book. Every new unit will have paperwork that should be retained as a permanent record. These records will become your history book. This information is the property of PTA and should remain with the unit. The secretary and/or treasurer should have the responsibility of updating the information as needed. Your unit can be audited at any time by the state PTA or appropriate government agencies. It's best to have all legal and financial information in this history book, giving easy access to information over a period of time. Some of the items that should be in your history book are:

  • List of charter members
  • Copy of charter
  • Copy of unit membership application
  • State-approved bylaws
  • Copy of completed form SS-4
  • Minutes from organizational meeting
  • Tax-exempt status authorization-federal, state, and local (if applicable)
  • Bank account information
  • Approved budget information
  • Insurance policy and information

Task SIX:
Call a meeting of the executive board to make plans for first regular meeting. The executive board includes your committee chairs. It is important to begin including your executive board in decision-making so that you are inclusive.

Communication is the key to success so GET THE WORD OUT! Once you have formed your local unit, send out a publicity release informing the community that a PTA has been formed. Please copy our state Communications Chair ( to have your good news published in Virginia PTA publications. You should also consider publishing your own PTA newsletter or starting your own website to keep parents informed; talk about your formation in the inaugural issue of this newsletter.

Plan to attend the next Virginia State PTA Convention where you will receive your official PTA "charter".