PHASE III: Step-By-Step Process To Form A New PTA

When you receive confirmation from the Virginia PTA with your PTA Unit ID Number (will be emailed to the President listed on your officer form), you will want to take these next steps. Continuing the energy is key to creating an active PTA. Involve as many members as possible in the beginning stages of your local unit.

  • Sign up for your Online Membership Data Reporting Just Between Friends account. Just Between Friends support is available by contacting our Office Administrator by email at Our expert can guide you through the process of registering for this great organizational tool. Additional resources for are available at
  • Distribute official membership cards to your charter members when delivered by the state office. Continue to sell memberships to anyone invested in your school and PTA. Local businesses will be especially interested in appearing in your first newsletter as a charter member! Membership push should be year round.
  • Form committees to: Review and become familiar with the unit bylaws (Bylaw Committee); prepare a calendar listing deadlines for dues payments (Membership Committee); set programs and develop projects (Program Committee); set executive committee and/or executive board and general membership meetings (Executive Committee). If your unit is part of a council find out when those meetings are and attend; find out from your District Director the date of your annual district meeting, and when state and national conventions and leadership training will take place. Plan and budget to attend. These are legitimate uses of PTA funds.
  • Ideally, committee chairs should write a plan of work for their area. Plans of Work include committee goals, objectives, programs, and projects; and should also approximate the costs for accomplishing them. These will be a starting point for the programs you will have your first year. Consider developing a website. Many school districts will allow you to use their web server – talk to your principal/superintendent about this directly. If not there are plenty of web based programs that are easy to use. Contact for more info.
  • Visit the National PTA website to learn about PTA Logos and Guidelines and to create your own PTA logo.
  • Contact the VA PTA Communications Chairperson at to become linked to the VAPTA website.
  • Members of the executive board should review the Plans of Work presented by committee chairs and assemble a list of goals and objectives. Estimate the cost to accomplish the goals in order to set a budget, determine how you will raise this money and a timeline to achieve the goals. The board should review the goals periodically to measure successes and locate areas for needed improvement.
  • Set a date for your first general membership meeting. Publicize it as a celebration and encourage all parents to attend.
  • Prepare a proposed budget utilizing the Plans of Work. If you have questions about this process refer to the Money Matters Quick-Reference Guide available in the National PTA Quick-Reference Guides section of this website or contact for assistance. Give consideration to how you will fund the budget – your executive board should recommend to the general membership ways to accomplish this. After your board reviews this budget you should then be prepared to recommend adoption by the general membership.
  • Make plans to attend the Virginia State PTA Convention to receive your “charter”. Attending is a legitimate PTA expense.
  • If still available, order your Big Box of Possibilities from National PTA by emailing This box of information has everything you need to have a successful year.
  • Take a look at the online workshops offered at web site. Free easy to take coursework you can do anytime you have the time.