APPENDIX B: Organizational Meeting Agenda

[PTA NAME] Organizational Meeting Agenda


[Date, Time]

NOTE: Be sure to obtain names of all attendees which will become part of the meeting minutes. Dowload sample agenda below.


  • Call to Order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Inspirational Reading (See below for sample inspirational readings)
  • Introduction of Special Guests
  • Appointment of temporary Secretary to record the minutes.

Move To Organize


  • Reading of Bylaws
  • Adoption of Bylaws


  • Refreshments
  • Charter Membership Enrollment -- Membership Committee

Call To Order


  • Nominating Committee Report
  • Call for Nominations from the floor
  • Election of Officers
  • Installation of Officer (See below for samples installation scripts)


[As pre-determined by organizational committee.]

Announcement of first general membership meeting date/time.


Step-By-Step For Organizational Meeting

  • Call the Organizational meeting to order. The chair of the planning committee explains the purpose of the meeting and introduces speakers who explain the policies and purposes of the PTA. Include representatives of the state, district, and/or council PTAs. Be sure to have the secretary take minutes. Pass around a sign-in sheet so attendees can write their names, phone numbers and/or email addresses.
  • Move to organize. The chair calls for a motion to organize a local PTA. The PTA is officially established when the motion is made, receives a second, and is carried by a majority vote.
  • Distribute and present bylaws. A member of the temporary bylaws committee reads the proposed bylaws and calls attention to articles and sections required for all PTA units. (Consider having them on an overhead to save copy costs). The committee member then moves their adoption. Each article is then read separately so that amendments, if any, can be considered and acted on. As each amendment is offered, it is stated by the committee member, debated, and voted on immediately. A majority vote is required for adoption. Final motion is made to adopt bylaws as amended.
  • Hold a short intermission and enroll members. On payment of dues (amount decided on during adoption of bylaws), people become charter members of the new PTA. An accurate list of members should be kept. Some units produce a plaque to place in the school of with a list of their charter members.
  • Reconvene and call for nominating committee report and nominations from the floor. The chair reconvenes the meeting for nominations and elections. All candidates nominated must be members of the PTA and their consent must be obtained before their names are submitted for nomination. Nominees may be made from the floor (must be a member to run for office). The election should be by ballot, unless there is only one nominee, in which case the election may be by voice vote. Officers should be voted on one by one. Only members may vote.
  • Install newly elected officers. The state, district or council PTA representative can be asked to perform the installation. Please give them advance notice if you plan to use this service.

The newly elected president takes the chair and calls for further business (sets the date of first regular meeting, possible agenda items, etc).