APPENDIX C: Duty Checklist Of Newly Elected Officers

President Check List (check off as completed)

  • Call a meeting of elected officers for the purpose of creating standing committees and selecting chairs. Include the school principal.
  • Provide required paperwork to become chartered with the state office (see PHASE II: Step-By-Step Process To Form A New PTA).
  • Review resource materials received from the Virginia PTA and pass it on to executive board members to review as appropriate. Each member of the executive board should thoroughly understand the purposes, policies, and programs of the PTA as a whole. The National PTA and state PTA materials (Local Unit Resource Guide or LURG) should be studied and referred to frequently (see below). More local unit resources are available on the National PTA website,
  • Arrange for training for your executive board through your District Director (if you have one) or Field Service Chair.
  • Suggest that the chair of each standing committee put together a plan of work and present it to the executive board for approval. Do this before the first regular meeting of the PTA in order for a budget to be adopted and other committee work to be assigned.
  • Create your official local unit PTA logo. Visit for details.

Secretary Check List (cross off as completed)

  • Make a list of all members paying dues and work with President to immediately send the appropriate amount of dues to the state PTA.
  • Keep a copy of this membership list in the secretary's book, treasurer's file, and membership chair's file.
  • A list of charter members should be made for the unit's history book.
  • Work with President to submit names and addresses of officers to the state immediately.
  • Immediately submit two (2) copies of the adopted bylaws to the state PTA for approval. Upon approval, one copy will returned to be included in the back of the secretary's permanent record book.
  • Prepare minutes of the organizational meeting so they may be provided to the membership at the first regular meeting of your PTA. You will also need this information to open your checking account.

Treasurer Check List (cross off as completed)

  • Open an account in the name of the PTA unit at a bank approved by the executive board. Take a copy of the minutes to the bank to show proper authority for opening the account. All funds raised through the PTA's efforts should be deposited into this account.
  • Get authorization for signatures for the treasurer and president . Other officers may be named to sign in their absence if you choose.
  • Read Money Matters and the LURG (see below), and purchase an account ledger.
  • A check should be prepared by the treasurer for the amount of $3.25 per person. This amount represents $2.25 national and $1.00 state dues. Check is payable to Virginia PTA. Mail to: Virginia PTA, 1027 Wilmer Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227. (District PTAs do not collect dues.)
  • If applicable, call your PTA Council President or Treasurer to make arrangements to pay the dues to your Council.

Click HERE For National PTA Quick-Reference Guides

Click HERE For Virginia PTA Local Unit Resource Guide