Internet Safety Partnership: Virginia PTA And "Enough Is Enough"

In 2008, Virginia PTA, in partnership with the non-profit organization Enough is Enough, supplied to each PTA unit a copy of "Internet Safety 101: Empowering Parents," a multimedia, educational teaching program for parents, guardians, caregivers and educators?

Each program packet included a workbook and accompanying DVD, made possible by a $64,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation. Virginia was the pilot and first state to be involved with this program before a national launch in 2010.

In 2007, Virginia PTA formed an Internet Safety Task Force to work with Enough Is Enough on developing key elements of the Internet Safety 101 program, based on interviews with law enforcement professionals, internet safety experts, industry leaders, psychologists, researchers, clinicians, parents, teens and victims. The 101 program covers current and emerging online threats and presents information to educate and equip parents on safety basics that can be applied across all internet-enabled devices.