What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is sharing a story or experience that your child, school or community is dealing with and turning it into an action item - or a request - for a new policy, protocol, change in funding formula or improved training opportunity.

By working together to research issues and exchange knowledge, our PTA members have been sparking change in programs and policies that benefit children for over 120 years.

Equity and inclusion are at the core of our work, as the PTA is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan organization whose volunteer leaders and members speak out on behalf of children’s rights to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of all children and youth.

As a parent or caregiver, as soon as you speak to a teacher or administrator about a concern, you have become an advocate for your student! Sharing your story and asking for change at the county, state, or national level makes you one of more than 4 million parents or caregivers that are members of the PTA and who volunteer their time, energy and talents to address issues and create opportunities to support the educational experience of students.

Capitol Committee

The Capitol Committee is the liaison between the Virginia legislative body and the Virginia PTA. As a sub-committee of the state Legislation Committee, the members serve as PTA representatives for the President. The committee works only in accordance with the adopted Legislation Program and under the direction of the President and Legislation Committee Chair. Members do not express any personal opinions as committee members.

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<h3>Legislation/Education Committee</h3>
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<p>The Legislation/Education Committee shall formulate and prepare the Legislation Program by studying such state legislation as directly affects the welfare of children and youth. The committee will request suggestions for items to be considered for the program from local units, councils, districts, standing committee chairmen, members of the Board of Managers and other individual PTA members. This committee will also review resolutions passed at the last State Convention and include the resolutions with legislative intent that were not acted upon by the last General Assembly in the proposed program. They will prepare a Preliminary Proposed Legislation Program to include an explanation of the Action Items, conduct a Public Hearing in the spring, and publish the Proposed Legislation Program to all local units, councils, districts and members of the Board of Managers. They also plan activities for PTA Day in the General Assembly and help to guide and direct the Capital Committee. Further, committee will monitor and report on meetings of the State Board of Education, foster ongoing dialogue with the Department of Education Offices and educational associations, prepare and give testimony as needed in accordance with PTA positions.</p>
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National PTA Legislation Program


National PTA’s Legislation Program has four parts:

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PTA Day at the General Assembly

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