Nominations Committee

A PTA can be no more effective than its leadership. The Nominations Committee is a special committee that holds the key to a successful PTA. The committee is responsible for presenting the best qualified nominees for office.

The purpose of the nominations committee is to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of the PTA. The members of the committee, therefore, have a tremendous influence on the future of the PTA and should be selected carefully.

The Nominations Committee is currently seeking committee members! Complete the VAPTA Committee Applicaton for consideration.

For more information, contact Ali Brown, Nominations Chair


Training Library

These resources are some of the benefits of being part of our PTA family! These will help your entire board do their jobs and give your PTA structure to run smoothly.

Leadership Toolkit is a road map of PTA resources from National PTA. It's designed to help you find the information you're looking for quickly and easily - to help you run your PTA, do your job, and support the students in your school community.

Sample Documents contains ready-to-customize documents for you to use for your PTA to create structure.

Summer Leadership Training provides virtual webinars to help you do your job and network with other PTA leaders across the state. 

Finance Basics contains an overview of how you can maintain the financial health of your PTA.

Treasurer Tools contains forms and resources for your treasurer to develop a budget and manage records.

MemberHub contains information about the free relationship management platform provided to all PTAs.

Membership Mangement will connect you with resources to connect with your families and grow your membership.

Advocacy Basics gives you tips on how to get started advocating for resources to support your school community. 

Marketing is a National PTA resource with flyers to help you share the benefits of PTA with your school community.

Nominating Committee and Elections explains our nomination and election process and contains step-by-step guides as you plan to elect your next group of PTA leaders.

pdf Virginia PTA University (NEW!) (31 KB) is an incentive program to encourage leadership development. Each level recognizes the accomplishment of PTA members who have earned recognition by completing several requirements. pdf (See sample transcript) (312 KB)