Fall Activities For The Executive Board


  • Make sure the Membership Committee has all the information and cards needed for a successful membership campaign.
  • Make sure the Reflections Committee has all the information for a successful Reflections Program.
  • Hold first general membership meeting and vote on the proposed PTA budget, adopt the fiscal year-end audit and send copy of audit to state PTA office. A copy of 990 forms must also be forwarded to state PTA office.
  • Have board members attend council, district, or region leadership training workshops.


  • Hold a legislation meeting to have your general membership vote on Virginia PTA’s Proposed Legislation Program and send the tally sheet of votes to your district director. 


  • Remind your Treasurer that all dues must be postmarked and sent to the State Office by December 1 so your Local Unit remains in “Good Standing”.

Spring Activities For The Executive Board


  • Recognize outstanding supporters by giving them Virginia PTA’s Honorary Service Awards. Click HERE For A List Of Honorary Service Awards. The revenues raised from this program is used to fund the Virginia PTA's Scholarship Program.
  • Honor all PTA volunteers. Send local Volunteer of the Year nominations to councils or districts for state consideration.
  • Attend the district legislation meeting.


Summer Activities For The Executive Board

This calendar/checklist is designed to help guide presidents through a successful term.


  • Have transitional board meeting with old and new members.
  • Assume duties at time prescribed in your bylaws.
  • Send all forms including the new officers names/addresses to the state PTA office. EIN (tax ID) number must also be on file with state PTA office. (Local Unit/Council Officers' Contact Information and Bulletin Subscription Form
  • Complete the Local Unit Standards Form
  • Review and update committee procedure books, develop procedure books for new positions.
  • Make sure the outgoing president arranged the audit for the previous year financial records. See links below for additional information.
  • Send names/addresses of officers to your school board to receive mailings.
  • Remind your outgoing treasurer that all dues collected since March 1 must be in to the state office by June 30.


  • Attend Virginia PTA’s Annual Meeting
  • Budget committee meets to develop next year’s budget and prepares to present it to the executive board before going before the general membership for final approval.
  • Confirm with the principal when PTA information needs to be available for the school’s Welcome Back Packets.


  • Hold a meeting of the executive committee to go over the plans of work and schedule for next year.
  • Hold a meeting of the executive board to go over all action items and approve the budget that will be presented to the general membership.
  • Download the membership cards template from the Virginia PTA web site.
  • Look for and share mailings from national, state, district and council with your board.
  • Prepare an article for your newsletter and Welcome Back Packet.

Winter Activities For The Executive Board


  • Establish dates for January newsletter deadlines (including submissions, editing, approvals & publishing)
  • Determine late-month availability of key people; communicate availability of key officers.
  • Enjoy the holidays and rejuvenate for the remainder of the year.


  • Make reservations for Virginia PTA’s PTA Day at the General Assembly.
  • Advertise for members willing to serve on the nominating committee.
  • Attend PTA Day (may be held in February.)


  • Elect nominating committee (check local PTA bylaws to see when and how this election takes place.)
  • Ask the executive board to let the nominating committee know of their intentions for the new PTA year.
  • Remind treasurer that all dues collected since Dec. 1 must be in to the state office by March 1.


  • Review PTA budget.
  • Arrange auditing the books when they close at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Attend district’s annual meeting (may be held in April).
  • Have the nominating committee report the slate of proposed officers to the executive board (check local unit bylaws to determine when this report should be presented).
  • Remind board members to update procedure books and, especially, include recommendations for next year.