The Virginia PTA University is an incentive program to encourage leadership development. Each level recognizes the accomplishment of PTA members who have earned recognition by completing several requirements.

Requirements include attendance at a variety of workshops, courses, and PTA events. Any PTA member may participate in the program. There is no time limit for completion of the requirements to earn your “Virginia PTA Degree”.

Transcripts are available at all state events and may be signed by any state board member, district director, council president, or workshop presenter. Completed transcripts may be sent to your District Director or the Vice President of Training. Participants in this program are required to keep track of their official transcript.

Recipients will receive recognition at the 2019 Virginia PTA Annual Meeting.

“PTA Bachelor’s Degree” Requirements

  • Attendance at the Virginia PTA Annual Meeting.
  • Attendance at a Virginia Summer Leadership event.
  • Attendance at a PTA District or Council meeting or workshop; this may include a District Annual Meeting/ Conference or training event, or Council workshop, training or Annual Meeting.
  • Specific position training workshop – President, Treasurer, Secretary, Bylaws, Arts in Education.

“PTA Master’s Degree” Requirements

  • Completion of the “Bachelor’s Degree”
  • Attend PTA Day in Richmond
  • Select 4 electives [can be obtained online with National PTA eLearning courses, state/district/council training events:
    • Cultural Competency
    • National Standard for Family School Partnership
    • Parliamentary Procedure
    • Membership Basics
    • Preventing Theft in Your PTA
    • Present a workshop at state/district/council training event
    • Received PTA Degree 2016/2017 in one of these areas – Advocacy,
    • Membership, President, Programs, Treasurer

“PTA Doctoral Degree” Requirements

  • Completion of the “Bachelor’s Degree”
  • Completion of the“Master’s Degree”
  • Completion of a “Thesis Project”
  • Submit a Resolution
  • Host a Candidate Forum
  • Create an approved training course

The art of leadership is the ability to make what one is doing attractive to others. Attractive enough for others to want to join and take on responsibilities!

pdf Download the Virginia PTA University PDF Here (31 KB)

pdf View a Sample Transcript (312 KB)

National PTA Support

National PTA's Local PTA Leader Kit at has been updated! It contains resources to help PTA leaders serve their communities and manage local units including:

  • easy-to-use guides for the president, treasurer and membership and programs chairs
  • membership, fundraising and marketing tools
  • program and advocacy resources
  • special offers from national partners

The Kit includes these sections: PTA Presidents and Boards, Finance, Membership, Programs, Fundraising, Advocacy and Communications.

"Quick Reference Guides" are available at the end of each section in the "Additional Resources" tab. These are your "boots on the ground" help and are great to print and include in your procedure books.

This kit is a member benefit of PTA. To access the kit, you register online at with basic information about your PTA and the leader who is registering. After you register, you'll set up a username and password that will give you full access. If you get stuck, step-by-step directions are available at

E-learning courses are also a great resource to help train your board – right from the comfort of your own home, or even at a meeting at your school. To use them, you simply create a profile on the National PTA website ( and sign in. Go to the E-learning Library. Pick your class and add it to your shopping cart ... but don't worry, it's free! Download the course and start learning ... and once you finish, you can print out a certificate of completion.
They are grouped into three sections:

  • PTA Essentials
  • PTA Nuts and Bolts Series (includes president, treasurer, secretary and membership basics)
  • Leadership Enhancement



Nominating Committee and Elections