From the President

donnaFoundations are where we begin. My foundation begins with my family and friends. They are the support system from which I begin and end my day.

Foundations are also where we begin our PTA story. You may be the ticket taker or grant writer, we all have our beginnings. As part of a fantastic team, we will all share our knowledge. We all come from different backgrounds. Sometimes we are helping provide food for those children that have none. We are helping provide pencils for the children that don’t have the means for school supplies. We are providing resources for all of our staff members. We are providing training for all of our members that want to do their best for their PTA.

This takes me back to our foundation. The foundation of your state leaders begins with each of us. Our own story. We are building a foundation that you will be able to add to, take from, and most of all be a part of the foundation personally and locally. We are talking about new programs to keep our programs young and fresh, we are working on new and informative membership ideas, and continuing our journey in available training. Of course, our members and their membership “buy in” will be key in maintaining that foundation. I hope you will be proud of the foundation we are building together.

I would love to hear your ideas, hear your story, listen to concerns and help in any way I can. Remember if I don’t have the answers, I will always make sure that our team is part of the conversation. “Build Our PTA Foundation.”


donna 40

Donna Colombo

Virginia PTA 2019-2021