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Hands-on, local support combined with robust training resources and a parent driven advocacy platform sets the PTA apart as the leader in supporting local school parent groups.

To provide you with personalized support, the Virginia PTA is divided into Districts which span several counties. In some areas Districts are further divided into Councils which serve a specific city or county. Districts and Councils both elect officers who live in that geographic area to lead collaboration and support for all PTAs in that geograpic area. District Directors also represent your membership on the Virginia PTA Board of Directors.

Looking for resources?  Need support for a challenge your community is dealing with?  Want to share a success story?  Please reach out to your Council PTA or District Director

If you do not know your district or you do not have a District Director, please send your question to our general information email. Please include your name, email address, telephone number, and the PTA unit name so that your question can be forwarded to the appropriate support person. City/County District Locator

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Job Opportunities [paid positions]

Submit your cover letter, resume and qualifications to the Office Administrator for the following vacant positions in the State Office located at 1027 Wilmer Avenue, Richmond, VA. Full benefits are available for full-time positions: