Legislative Priorities

Virginia PTA Legislative Priorities are adopted annually in the spring at the conclusion of the General Assembly Session by the Virginia PTA Board of Directors to set direction for the coming year. Legislative Priorites are based on existing position statements and/or resolutions and highlight areas where legislative action is needed to address statewide concerns that affect children and youth. Resolutions adopted at Virginia PTA Annual Meetings are automatically legislative priorities for the General Assembly session following thier approval.

Position Statements

Virginia PTA Position Statements are adopted by the Virginia PTA Board of Directors and are official documents based on our mission, research and/or previous resolutions or positions of either Virginia PTA or National PTA. Position Statements outline the opinion, will, or intent of the association to address a current statewide situation or concern that affects children and youth and which requires statewide or national attention and action to address.

Letters on Public Policy 

Virginia PTA periodically issues formal letters to elected officials or government agencies; signs-on to coalition letters; or provides formal comment to support and advance our positions, resolutions, state legislative prioriities and mission. Virginia PTA may join with National PTA, other state PTAs as well as other education, civic, civil rights and advocacy associations to amplify our collective messages to elected officials or administration.

Coalition Work

Virginia PTA collaborates with other associations to amplify work on our positions, resolutions, state legislative priorties and mission. This periodically results in a joint study or recommendation to advance shared priorities. 


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