Agriculture Education & Farm to School

Agriculture is the largest private industry in Virginia and plays an essential role in our everyday lives, contributing food, fiber for clothing, fuel and stewardship of the land. Farming today uses advanced data collection, sensors, automated machines, biomimicry, drones and other sophisticated technologies, yet is undervalued. Agriculture education should be integrated directly in the curriculum (instead of through the nutrition department) to support rural workforce education and development, increase locally grown foods in school cafeterias and provide hands-on learning for all students.

  • Integrate Agriculture Education concepts directly in the Standards of Learning and provide space for school gardens.
  • Fund a School Nutrition Integration and Procurement specialist for each region in order to support local economic activity and increase the quantity of locally sourced foods served in school cafeterias
  • Support grant and incentive programs for processing-procurement of locally grown food
  • Support science credits for high school students taking agriculture classes and a more direct certification path for agriculture education teachers


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