Coalitions and Commissions

Coalitions & Commissions

Virginia PTA is a member of several state coalitions and commissions that align with our mission and enhance our advocacy efforts. As a member of these coalitions, Virginia PTA collaborates with other state associations and entities, signs-on to letters to policymakers and provides public comment on matters that support and advance our positions, resolutions, state legislative priorties and mission.

National PTA also belongs to federal policy coalitions that enhance federal advocacy efforts. You can learn more about building coalitions to support your work locally using National PTA’s tips on how to build and join coalitions.

Advocacy Coalitions

Virginia Public Education Coalition

The Virginia Public Education Coalition (VPEC) is the unified voice of twelve Virginia state education associations who advocate for and work to improve K-12 education in the Commonwealth of Virginia. VPEC members are:

Fund Our Schools

Fund Our Schools is a statewide coalition of associations who believe that every child in every zip code across the Commonwealth of Virginia should have access to a high-quality public education. Priorities include sufficient staffing, fair funding, just compensation and supports for educators and policy change to address racial and ethnic justice in our public school system.

Virginia Promise Partnership

The Virginia Promise Partnership is a coalition of business, education, healthcare, local government and family services groups that are working together to push for policies and resources that will provide families with better access to affordable, quality childcare by 2030.

Virginia Coalition for Fine Arts Education

The Mission of this coalition is to bring together arts education stakeholders to promote and advocate for sequential, high quality arts programs for all children in the Commonwealth taught by highly qualified arts educators.

Commonwealth Connects Coalition

The Commonwealth Connects Coalition is a diverse coalition of more than 115 different trade associations, fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and broadband providers who support the Commonwealth of Virginia’s comprehensive effort to achieve universal broadband access by 2028. Commonwealth Connects is working to increase state grants to public/private partnerships, identify legislative policy changes and provide better resources for local broadband planning. From economic development to telemedicine to education, the internet touches nearly every aspect of modern life, and every corner of Virginia needs to have access to a reliable, high speed connection.

Department of Education Commissions & Networks

Virginia PTA periodically serves on Virginia Department of Education commissions and task forces as a stakeholder to provide input on policy or regulation as it is being developed or revised, several of which are listed below.

  • Virginia Department of Education Family Engagement Network
    The Family Engagement Network (FEN) was established by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to foster family engagement in education, especially for children with disabilities. The members of the network assist VDOE in developing and implementing activities that encourage schools and families to recognize the importance of family involvement and foster family engagement.

Association Board Memberships

  • Virginia Middle School Association, Director Member 
    The Virginia Middle School Association (VMSA) provides proactive leadership in middle level education in collaboration with state and national organizations, governmental agencies, and institutions of higher learning to meet the academic, physical, emotional, and social needs of young adolescents. The Association exists to encourage improvement in the education of students in middle schools, and to foster and promote means whereby ideas and programs may be exchanged among middle school educators within the State of Virginia.
  • Virginia High School Sports League, Executive Committee Member 
    The Virginia High School Sports League is comprised of the 315 public schools and approved non-boarding, non-public high schools in the Commonwealth to promote education, leadership, sportsmanship, character and citizenship for students by establishing and maintaining high standards for school activities and competitions.


For questions about Virginia PTA’s participation in policy coalitions or our advocacy efforts, contact Virginia PTA’s Vice President of Advocacy at