PTA Leader Training

Webinars for PTA Officers – Summer 2024

Overview (Detailed Webinar Descriptions Below)

—– Wrap-Up Your PTA Year (Last week of April)

—– PTA BASICS – Get prepared for your new positions! (Last week of May)

—- PREPARE FOR BACK TO SCHOOL (First week of August)

—- ENGAGE FAMILIES (August/September)

  • Tues Aug 27, 2024 @ 7pm | Run a Successful Reflections Event
  • Mon Sept  9, 2024 @ 12pm | Welcoming Military Families 
  • Mon Sept 16, 2024 @ 12pm | Engaging English Learner Language Families 
  • Mon Sept 23, 2024 @12pm | PTSA Student Engagement Panel 

Wrap-Up Your School Year (April Webinars)

Recruiting Volunteers & Officer Elections
Tuesday March 12 ,2024  @ 7 pm 

Join us to learn strategies for building a strong PTA volunteer base, and how to hold a PTA officer election. We will cover the roles and responsibilities of the Nominations Committee, creative ways to recruit and advertise PTA officer positions, how to announce your slate, conduct your elections, and manage any position vacancies.

Presenter:  Ben Pearson-Nelson, President Elect, Virginia PTA  


Learn About Council Leadership and How a Council Can Support Your Community
Tuesday, April 23, 2024 @ 7 pm 

Considering volunteering for a Council PTA position? Want to start a Council PTA in your community? Learn about how Councils build a network of support and collaboration for PTAs in their county/city. We’ll cover the basic roles and responsibilities of the Council and best practices to support PTAs in your area.


Annual Financial Review & Treasurer Transitions
Wednesday April 24 ,2024   @ 12 pm

This webinar will prepare Treasurers, Financial Review Committee Members, and your Board to conduct your required annual Financial Review. We will also provide helpful tips for wrapping up your PTA fiscal year and go over the end of year PTA treasurer checklist.  

Presenter: Ann-Marie Ward, Treasurer, Virginia PTA   


PTA BASICS – Prepare for Your New Position (Last Week of May)

Treasurer Transitions: Implementing Financial Best Practices
Wednesday May 29, 2024 @ 12 pm 

Whether you are an outgoing Treasurer, incoming Treasurer, or PTA Board Member this workshop will provide you with financial best practices you can use to run a strong PTA. We will cover the basics of your 501c3 structure, how to develop a budget, reimburse volunteers, and record point of sale, and on-line sales. We will also review how to file 990s with the IRS, maintain financial records, and provide monthly reports for your PTA.  

Presenter: Ann-Marie Ward, Treasurer, Virginia PTA   


PTA President Leadership
Wednesday May 29, 2024 @ 7 pm 

Just elected as a PTA president or returning for another year in the role? Join us for a webinar to discuss the role of the PTA president, compliance basics, how to motivate your team and lead meetings effectively, and an overview on how to lead your PTA to success! 

Presenter: Jenna Alexander, President, Virginia PTA  


Council Officers: Support Local Units & Community
Thursday May 30, 2024 @ 7 pm 

Council Officers-join us for a webinar in which we will discuss the council’s role in supporting local units and their surrounding community. If you are a new council officer, we will also provide guidance on roles of council officers and how to be most effective in your role.  

Presenter: Jenna Alexander, President & Ben Pearson-Nelson, President-Elect, Virginia PTA  


PTA Basics for all PTA Officers
Monday June 3, 2024 @ 7 pm 

New to PTA leadership? Join us for an overview to discuss the role of PTA executive board officers and the fiduciary duty that officers must adhere to when holding a PTA office. Participants will also learn the roles of each PTA executive board position and how each officer position supports each other and builds the trust of the voting members that it serves.  


Navigating Givebacks and Compliance
Monday June 3, 2024 @ 8 pm 

Let’s get together to discuss Givebacks (formerly Memberhub)! You and your PTA are about to begin a new year and may have some questions about Memberhub functionality or want to share best practices with others. Come with your questions and we can walk through things together! Have questions about complianceWe will also talk about Standards of Affiliation deadlines and how to upload compliance documents to Givebacks.  


Prepare For Back To School (First Week of August)

It’s a New PTA Year-Let’s Grow Membership!
Monday August 5, 2024 @ 7 pm 

PTA membership drives the impact of our voice and reflects our commitment to including all families.  Join this workshop to learn about how to communicate the value of your PTA to grow and sustain your membership. We’ll exchange membership drive ideas and cover the basics of using Givebacks (formerly Memberhub) to sell memberships and remit dues.   

Presenter: Ashley Smith, VP Membership-Virginia PTA


Family Connections! PTA Programs & Grants
Monday August 5, 2024 @ 8 pm 

Learn about National Standards for Family to School partnerships  we well as grants and the family event toolkits that you can use to grow engagement and support student success. We’ll talk about what makes an event successful and cover the School of Excellence Program, STEM+Families, Family Reading, Digital Safety Toolkits and more. 


Preparing your PTA Budget: Should My PTA Pay for That?
Tuesday August 6, 2024 @ 7 pm 

Join this workshop to learn the basics of how to develop your PTA budget and provide transparent monthly reporting. We’ll cover the financial basics of record keeping for events and how to manage principal financial requests and identify opportunities to start the conversation to advocate for better school funding instead of fundraising. 


Why Does your PTA Need Insurance & How Does it Work
Tuesday August 6, 2024 @ 8 pm 

Is your PTA appropriately protected? Are you protected as an officer? Join this workshop presented by AIM Insurance to learn the basics of why PTAs need insurance, what the different types of coverage protect against, what to consider when selecting coverage for your PTA, and how to use your insurance coverage when a problem arises.   

Presented by: AIM Insurance, a Virginia PTA Platinum Partner.  With more than 30-years experience, AIM specializes in providing insurance for PTAs and insures more than 23,000 parent groups across the nation.


Creating an Advocacy Culture in Your School
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 @ 7 pm 

Join us for this workshop on how to build advocacy with your PTA and school community. We will give an overview of advocacy causes and an overview of how PTA advocates for legislation each state legislative session at the General Assembly in January 

Presenter: Lauren Klute, VP of Advocacy, Virginia PTA


Record Retention & Digital Bookkeeping
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 @ 8 pm 

Join this workshop for Secretaries and Treasurers to learn all of the basics for keeping electronic books, recording minutes, and establishing a strong record-keeping system for your PTA.   

Presenters-Victor Chen, Secretary, Virginia PTA and Ann Marie Ward, Treasurer Virginia PTA 


Run a Successful Reflections Event
Tuesday, August 27, 2024 @ 7 pm 

Learn how to run a successful PTA Reflections program! Come learn how to engage your families and school communities with the 2024-2025 theme “Accepting Imperfection” and brainstorm ways to encourage students to participate and showcase their artistic talents at every age level!

Presented by: Monique Womack, VP of Family Engagement