Leadership Training

PTA Leadership Training  | FALL 2023

PTA New Charter Roundtable (Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023 | 7 p.m.)

PTA New Charter Roundtable (Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023 | 7 p.m.)

Did your PTA recently charter, or are you a new officer and your PTA is struggling to get restarted? This webinar will review the organizational basics of how to run a strong PTA. We will review tools and resources that you may find helpful to maintain compliance and take advantage of grants, family event toolkits, and student awards programs.

Presented by: Christina Whitehouse, VP of Leadership Development


PTA Leadership Training  | SUMMER 2023

Run a Successful Reflections Event (Mon. Sept 18th | 7-8pm)

Learn how to run a successful PTA Reflections program! Come learn how to engage your families and school communities with the 2023-2024 theme “I Am Hopeful Because” and learn ways to encourage students to participate and showcase their artistic talents at every age level!

Presented by: Monique Womack, VP of Family Engagement 



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Presidents 101 (Wed. June 7th | 12-1pm) 

Been elected President of your PTA or want a refresher? Join us for a Presidents 101 webinar. We’ll review President responsibilities, planning for a successful year, using MemberHub, family event resources, and how to build a collaborative team with your officers and principal. 

Presenter-Jenna Alexander, Virginia PTA President  


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Memberhub 101 (Wed. June 7th | 7-8 pm )

Let’s dive in with a Memberhub refresher and/or also get your questions answered about how to use Memberhub effectively for your PTA.  This webinar is for current PTA officers and newly elected officers that would like to learn how to use Memberhub. 

Presenter-Christina Whitehouse, Virginia PTA VP of Leadership Development


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Treasurer: End of Year Checklist (Thurs. June 8th | 12-1 pm)

As a new or returning Treasurer, let’s review end of the year financial requirements, financial reviews and reports, submission of 990s/deadlines, review treasurer check list, overview of responsibilities, resources.

Presenter-Ann-Marie Ward, Virginia PTA Treasurer 



Treasurers – Planning for the New School Year (Thurs. June 8th | 7-8 pm) 

Join us for a webinar on how to develop a new Budget based on programs offered, prepare monthly reporting, gather a team of non-bank signers for PTA financial review and update your financial accounts.

Presenter-Ann-Marie Ward, Virginia PTA Treasurer 



Family Engagement for a Thriving School Community  (Mon. July 24th | 7-8 pm) 

This workshop will introduce you to PTA’s nationally recognized Standards for Family School Partnerships and PTA event toolkits you can use to engage your community and support student success. We’ll be talking about STEM+ Families, Math Night, Family Reading Events, Digital Safety, Reflections Arts Contest (generally) and more. 

Presenter: Monique Womack, Virginia PTA VP of Family Engagement 



Membership Matters (Tues. July 25th | 7-8 pm) 

PTA membership drives the impact of our voice and reflects our commitment to including all families.  Join this workshop to learn about how to communicate the value of your PTA to grow and sustain your membership. We’ll exchange membership drive ideas and cover the basics of using MemberHub to sell memberships and remit dues. 

Presented By: Ashley Smith, Virginia PTA, VP of Membership 



Why Does your PTA Need Insurance and How Does it Work? (Wed. July 26th  | 7-8 pm)

You’ve been planning for months, and an hour into the fall carnival a student gets hurt… is your PTA appropriately protected? Are you as an officer? Join this workshop presented by AIM Insurance to learn the basics of why PTAs need insurance, what the different types of coverage protect against, what to consider when selecting coverage for your PTA, and how to use your insurance coverage when a problem arises. 

Presented by: AIM Insurance, a Virginia PTA Platinum Partner. With more than 30-years experience, AIM specializes in providing insurance for PTAs and insures more than 23,000 parent groups across the nation. 



Navigating Memberhub and Compliance (Thurs. July 27th | 7-8 pm) 

Let’s get together to discuss Memberhub! You and your PTA are about to begin a new year and may have some questions about Memberhub functionality. Come with your questions and we can walk through things together! Have questions about compliance? We will also talk about Standards of Affiliation deadlines and how to upload compliance documents to Memberhub.

Presented by: Christina Whitehouse, VP of Leadership Development & Hamid Munir, VP of Local Unit Operations 



Run an Effective Meeting: Robert’s Rules to Recordkeeping (Tues. Aug. 1st | 7-8 pm) 

Join this workshop to learn about Robert’s Rules, what they are, and how to use motions to present business professionally while allowing for open discussion. We’ll also cover best practices for setting your Agenda, recording minutes and establishing a strong record-keeping system for your PTA. 

Presented by: Claire Noakes, Virginia PTA Bylaws Director & Victor Chen, Virginia PTA Secretary 



Budgeting and Financials: Should My PTA Pay for That?  (Tues. Aug 8th | 7-8 pm)  

Join this workshop to learn the basics of how to develop your PTA budget and provide transparent monthly reporting. We’ll cover the financial basics of record keeping for events, Teacher Grant Programs, and afterschool enrichment. We’ll also talk about how to manage principal financial requests and identify opportunities to raise your voices for better school funding instead of fundraising.

Presented by: Jenna Alexander, Virginia PTA President & Ann-Marie Ward, Virginia PTA Treasurer