Membership Challenge

2023 – 2024 Membership Challenge

Virginia PTA shares membership tips each week to help leaders grow their membership in fun and engaging ways! Follow our #MembershipMatters tips on social media and participate in our Membership Challenges to grow your PTA and celebrate or recognize your hard work.

To be eligible for cash prizes, your unit must have met the Standards of Affiliation for the year and be in good standing.

#1 Are You Online?

Activate your online join link by September 15th and submit it to Virginia PTA to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $100 from Virginia PTA.

  • WINNER: Marshall Road Elementary PTA, Fairfax County Council, Northern Region

#2 Tell Us Your Theme and Goal

Any PTA unit or Council that submits their membership theme for the 2023-2024 membership year by September 30th, 2023, along with a membership goal that reflects an increase over last year’s total membership will receive special recognition from Virginia PTA.

  • WINNER: Kiptopeke Elementary School PTA, Northampton County, Tidewater Region |”Setting the Stage for Success”

#3 Membership Matters

All PTA units that submit and remit dues for a minimum of 400 members via MemberHub by October 1, 2023, will be entered into a drawing for a chance to receive $200 from Virginia PTA as well as special recognition from Virginia PTA. No entry submission necessary.

  • WINNER: Grafton High School PTSA, York County Council, Tidewater Region

#4 All In For PTA

All PTA units that have doubled their membership over the 2022-2023 membership total by November 30, 2023, will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $100 from Virginia PTA. (Dues must be paid in full by Dec. 1st, 2023). No entry submission necessary.

#5 Student Voice Award

Any PTSA unit whose student membership is 30% or more of the total membership will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win $100 and recieve special recognition from Virginia PTA. Dues must be paid by December 31, 2023. Only members marked as Students in MemberHub will count toward the total. No entry submission necessary.

# 6 Celebrating the “T” in PTA

Any local unit that has 100% of licensed staff membership AND submits the Teacher Membership Verification form by December 31, 2023 will receive a certificate and be specially recognized by Virginia PTA. 

#7 Commonwealth Membership

Councils that have 100% of their school board members and superintendent join PTA with a Commonwealth Membership AND submit a School Board Membership verification form by January 31, 2024, will be awarded a special certificate and both the Council and School Board will be recognized by Virginia PTA. 

#8 Founders’ Day Challenge

Any unit that submits and remits dues for 17 new memberships for the month of February (Feb. 1-29, 2024) will receive special recognition from the Virginia PTA. Dues must be paid by March 1, 2024


 2023-2024 Membership Challenge Flyer