Membership Resources

Membership Resources

REMINDER: Please include your 8-digit unit code on all correspondence.

Membership Campaigns

Today, PTA’s role is more important than ever in connecting parents, teachers and administrators, and supporting critical school needs. We want every family in our schools to join PTA, because we can do more together than apart. Families can join your PTA year-round!

Check-out the Membership Tools in the sidebar to access social media graphics, flyers and more that will help you grow membership in your school.

Membership dues payable to Virginia PTA are $3.75 per individual, which includes National PTA dues of $2.25/member and Virginia PTA dues of $1.50/member. Virginia PTA will remit your dues to National PTA.

Submitting Membership Lists and Dues

DUE: 1st of each month (per Bylaws)

Annual membership dues are determined by the members of each local school PTA and include Virginia PTA dues of $1.50 and National PTA dues of $2.25 ($3.75/individual). Your membership approved dues amount should be documented on your Organizational Structure Form. Dues are payable to Virginia PTA, and Virginia PTA remits dues on behalf of your members to National PTA on a monthly basis.

Submitting your dues on-time is part of the Standards of Affiliation and keeps your PTA in Good Standing which allows your PTA to qualify for grants and awards and enables your families to participate in the Reflections Arts Contest.

ALL membership lists and dues should be submitted to Virginia PTA electronically via the Givebacks (MemberHub) account provided by Virginia PTA. If you are utilizing the on-line membership sales features in Givebacks/MemberHub, then submission of your Membership list is automatic, however, your PTA must still initiate payment of your electronic dues payment within MemberHub/Givebacks. Electronic dues payment reduces risk of math errors and reduces the costs of collecting signatures and purchasing mailing supplies. Additionally, electronic payment provides your local unit with secure, rapid processing which facilitates a clean month-end reconciliation. Learn more and get started with Giverbacks/MemberHub.


If your PTA sells memberships through your PTA’s on-line store in MemberHub:

  • Submitting your membership list is automatic!
  • You just need to submit your dues payment on-time.

If your PTA did NOT utilize your PTA’s on-line store in MemberHub to sell memberships you can:


All PTAs in Virginia should pay membership dues ELECTRONICALLY via the free MemberHub account provided by Virginia PTA for your PTA unit. If you are selling Memberships directly in MemberHub, please note that dues are not automatically paid to Virginia PTA, you must still press “Pay Dues” in order to initiate your dues payment.

Dues payment through MemberHub uses Stripe and requires you to enter your Bank’s ACH information (from the bottom of a regular check) for your first dues payment. After the first payment you can simply click the “Pay Dues” button.


Requests for refund of overpayment of membership dues will be honored if made in writing within 60 days of payment prior to the close of the membership year.  Thereafter, refunds may be granted at the discretion of the state president and vice president of membership, and may be limited to the state portion of the overpayment. Determination will be made on a case by case basis.  Please complete the attached form and submit to to start the process.


Membership challenges change every year and are a fun way to challenge your community and highlight how successful your PTA is at supporting strong family to school partnerships. Learn more this year’s Membership Challenge.