This year's Membership Challenge will have you calling BINGO!

Together we can build our communities. This past year and a half has given families the opportunity to reflect and reassess what is important to them. Many seeking to not only reconnect but to be a part of something meaningful. Let's make their choice PTA and have a little FUN! Each BINGO card challenge guides and assists our PTAs into membership success.

There will be 3 challenges this year with different pattern options for each BINGO challenge. Complete the squares to create one or more of the patterns and call BINGO on your social media page.

Use the hashtag #VAPTABINGO and tag @VirginiaPTA so we can celebrate with you and share your successful start to the school year with other PTAs across the state! 

Stay tuned for prize announcements and more details!

1st Challenge Winning Patterns:

  • 5 in a row
  • Cents sign
  • Letters P, T or A
  • Stamp and Four Corners
  • Field Goal [for our fall sports fan]
EYES DOWN, Let's play BINGO! 


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