Planning Calendar

Planning Calendar (2024-2025 School Year)

Planning your PTA work for the year?

Explore our planning calendar below to find potential events that meet the needs and interests of your PTA and school community. You may also like to reference National PTA 2024-25 Multicultural Calendar for special events celebrated by different cultures and populations and check our Virginia PTA Annual Events Calendar for important dates by topic. The Reflections program has its own set of deadlines, some of which are listed below.

  • Important dates:
    • July 15 (extended this year): Deadline to submit your PTA/PTSA’s proof of current insurance coverage via Givebacks (and whenever you renew your insurance later in the year, upload the new policy document to Givebacks)
    • Membership Challenges Start! (see the National PTA and Virginia PTA membership challenge resources)
    • Consider having a practice run to process e-payments and collect memberships in advance of your Back to School Event
    • Validate that your website and social media are current for the new school year and the officer contact information on those platforms is updated
    • Prepare a Back to School message to send to families
    • Invite families to join your Givebacks family directory and join your PTA
    • Coordinate with your Principal to provide appreciation for the school staff’s first day back to school
    • Host your Back to School event(s)
    • Advertise your first PTA meeting of the school year (see meeting agenda and other resources in Sample Documents)
  • Important dates:
    • August 1: Submit Financial Review and IRS tax filing (see Standards of Affiliation; note that units that raised more than $50,000 and have retained an accountant to prepare their filing may request an exemption on the August 1 tax filing deadline by emailing

  • Important dates:
    • January __: If you do not have a Council, your PTA/PTSA’s first-place Reflections submissions should be sent to the Virginia PTA
    • January __: Webinar to prepare for Virginia PTA Capitol Day
    • January __: Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week
    • January 15: Deadline to submit resolutions and bylaws amendments for the Virginia PTA Annual Meeting
    • January __: Councils send first-place Reflections submissions to Virginia PTA
    • January __: Virtual Rally for Education
    • January __: Advocacy Social
    • January __: Virginia PTA Capitol Day
    • January 31: IRS deadline to provide 1099 form for payments to individuals (e.g., after-school instructors) who made over $600 in 2023

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