Submit PTA Executive Board Contact Information

DUE: No later than June 15th

All PTAs in Virginia are required to submit the names and contact information of their Elected Officers to Virginia PTA pursuant to Code of Virginia for Non-Profits 57-49.5. This enables Virignia PTA to maintain your tax-exempt status and ensures your officers receive newsletters and other important communication to support your PTA. All information is considered the property and confidential information of Virginia PTA and is not shared or sold to any outside party.

Please update your unit’s officer contact information in MemberHub as soon as your officers are elected, but no later than June 15. Even if it is your second year of a two year term, or you are serving an additional term, you still need to update officers for the new fiscal year.

Log-In to MemberHub


  1. Click "Compliance" in the left-hand modules menu bar
  2. Click the Officers Box in the center of your screen
  3. Change the year to 202X-202Y in the right corner
  4. Click "Add An Officer"

MemberHub is implementing a fix for their system. If you can not enter and successfully save a new officer name with an existing PTA email address, please try the following workarounds.

A) Remove 'Display Name' from the MemberHub Profile & Entry Tips

  1. Log-in to MemberHub with your PTA email address and remove the name written in the 'Display Name' field. Leaving the 'Display Name' blank allows the newly entered first and last name to correctly populate.
  2. Ensure you DO NOT accept the auto-fill option when you are entering the name of the new officer
  3. We recommend you DO NOT include personal home addresses with your PTA email account profile. 
  4. If it still does not work, please submit a help ticket with MemberHub so they can continue to evaluate a fix.

B) Consider linking an email alias to your main PTA email account.
If you are using Google For Non-Profits with a domain name (e.g. then, within your Google For Non-Profits Account, you can "add an alternate email address" (e.g. to your email account.

  • Go to your Google For Non-Profits 'Admin' Panel, Select 'Users', click on the user you want to add an alias to and look for "Add An Alternate Email" in the drop down menu.
  • Enter the new email address ( You can then use your new personalized PTA email account for MemberHub (as well as to send/receive emails) while still working from your generic officer titled PTA email account.

C) In MemberHub you can also try these steps to input the new officer's name for an account that has not been claimed (previously logged into). 

2. Click the link to create or claim account
3. Enter the previous officers name for the email. Create their own password. 
4. Go to their email and click the link to confirm the email.
5. Go back to the login page and enter the email and password they just set up.
6. Click the icon in the top right corner and click My Profile. Update their name to show on the profile instead of the previous officer.
7. They can then add the officer now with this email and it will show the correct officers name without affecting previous data. 
  • Include ALL officers and committee chairs
  • Include your Principal.
  • If your PTA uses PTA position email address, you can just enter that same email address with the name of your new officer.
  • Newly addded Officers and Committee Chairs will automatically receive an email from MemberHub welcoming them to the system and providing links to training resources

NOTE: You can update officer information through-out the school year if you fill a vacancy or need to change an email address. However, after June 30, past year officer information cannot be updated or removed. Prior year officer information remains in MemberHub for state-level PTA data records and while you can view past year officer information, it can not be edited. 


This happens from time to time. It's okay. You should still provide the contact information for ALL officers that have been elected as of June 15th. Your nominating committee should keep working through the summer to identify candidates for open positions. In the late summer or fall when your General Membership elects an officer for the open position, you can update the contact information following the election. 


MemberHub is an online relationship management tool and phone app designed to help you run your PTA and enhance communication with your families. Virginia PTA provides Memberhub to all local units and councils free of charge! 

As soon as you are identified as an officer of your PTA, you should have access to the Admin Console for your PTA's MemberHub Account.

  • If your PTA uses PTA position emails, please remember to give your incoming officer the MemberHub password associated with your PTA email account
  • If your PTA uses personal email address and you were already using MemberHub as a parent, your log-in and password are the same
Log-In for the first time 
  1. Enter your email address.
  2. Choose the 2nd option, “I need to create a password” and enter your first and last name.
  3. Check your inbox and click the link in the confirmation email. Choose a password.

If you are an officer of your PTA and DO NOT see a modules listed on the left-hand panel (Contacts, Fundraising, Online Store, Website Builder, Compliance Manager) of MemberHub after you are logged-in, then you should request access to MemberHub.

If you are still experiencing problems logging in, please contact us


Learn more about how MemberHub can benefit your school community and get resources to help grow PTA Membership in your school.