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Insurance Coverage for Your PTA

From school carnivals to fun runs, graduation parties and STEM nights, your PTA hosts a lot of great community-building events throughout the year. Did you know, however, that as an individual member or officer of your PTA, that you could be held personally liable for an accident that occurs at one of your events? PTA Insurance not only protects your local PTA from loss due to theft, injury, property damage and other issues, but it also protects you as individual, especially when there is limited coverage through your homeowner’s insurance.

Per your Local Unit Uniform Bylaws, your PTA is required to carry annual insurance coverage. Please submit proof of insurance to Virginia PTA via your MemberHub account annually by June 15th*. If your insurance renews in the fall/winter; please upload your current insurance certificate after renewal to reflect that your PTA is covered. (*Due to MemberHub functionaility, insurance submission due date is extended to July 15)

In collaboration with AIM Insurance, a sponsor of Virignia PTA, below you’ll find a summary of the four primary types of insurance coverages that benefit PTAs.

AIM Insurance specializes in providing insurance for PTAs. With over 23,000 parent teacher groups insured, and more than 30 years of expereince, AIM’s customer service team provides everyday support and guidance on best practices, along with clear answers to all the questions that come up around protecting your PTA.

volunteersEvent Insurance (General Liability with Medical Payments)

Event Insurance (General Liability) protects you from lawsuits if someone was injured at one of your organization’s activities and held you responsible. The liability limit for a lawsuit is $1,000,000 or $2,000,000, with no deductible. Some activities covered include skating parties, fall carnivals, bounce houses, dunking booths, fun runs, auctions and more. Injuries resulting from transportation are not covered.

General Liability coverage also has a separate component that gives insureds access to a minimum of $5,000 in Medical payments even if no lawsuit has been filed for injuries sustained at one of your organization’s activities. A Medical Payments limit of $5,000 is included in every General Liability Policy. Options for increased Medical Payments limit are $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000, with no deductible.

Media Liability– We also offer Social Media Liability Coverage as a supplement to your General Liability policy. This coverage is designed to protect you from liability in the event you accidentally misuse or disclose information on your website or other social media site. This includes misuse of the logo, copyright, pictures, confidential information and other misrepresentations or misappropriations.

Directors & Officers Liability

Professional Liability coverage protects the organization from lawsuits for “wrongful acts”. If someone sued the officers of your organization for mismanagement, misrepresentations, dissemination of false or misleading information, or inappropriate actions this coverage would pay to defend you against those actions.

Embezzlement Insurance (Fidelity Bond or Crime)

Bond coverage protects your money. It covers anyone who your organization trusts with the money whether it’s a President, Treasurer, board member, volunteer, or courier. If that person embezzles (runs off) with your money, this coverage would replace those missing funds. Ideally you should purchase a limit equal to your association’s total annual revenue. The bond should cover everyone in your organization that you ask to handle your funds.

Property (Business Personal Property)

Property coverage protects your raffle merchandise, auction items and fund- raising supplies while it is in your possession. This coverage also protects any personal property of your organization such as popcorn machines, snow cone makers, school store supplies, emergency relief supplies, and more.

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