Officer Access to Givebacks

Givebacks (MemberHub) Access

Givebacks (formerly called MemberHub) is the main repository for all compliance and legal documents for your PTA, and additionally provides your PTA with a suite of free relationship management tools designed to streamline running your PTA. 

All local PTAs and council PTAs in Virginia are automatically provided with a free Givebacks account.

Your PTA Officers and Volunteers will enjoy having your PTA work managed in one place!

  • Store and reference all compliance and organizational documents for your PTA
  • Use the on-line store (with QR codes) to sell memberships and spirit wear, collect donations, conduct fundraisers, and more
  • Create Sign-Ups for events, volunteer opportunities, or donations
  • Communicate with families using newsletters templates, texts and calendar reminders
  • Host a website with easy to use templates and drag and drop customization
  • Robust fundraising platform for raffles, sweepstakes, athons, events, auctions, crowdfunding and special projects
  • Earn money through Shop To Give
  • Manually enter off-line cash/check sales to keep track of all of your event sales
  • File storage can be used for flyers, PTA Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Budgets and more
  • Manage access for your Executive Board and Room Parents
  • Easily identify PTA members in your school family directory

Families can use Givebacks (MemberHub) via a phone app or their computer to access their PTA membership card as well as your PTAs family directory, school store, volunteer sign-ups, on-line store, and Shop To Give fundraisers. 

Getting Started

Outgoing officers of your PTA should enter the new officer information immediately following an election and no later than June 15th, annually.

As soon as you are identified as an officer of your PTA, you should have access to the Admin Console for your PTA’s Givebacks/MemberHub Account.

  • If your PTA uses PTA position emails, please remember to give your incoming officer the MemberHub password associated with your PTA email account
  • If your PTA uses personal email address and you were already using MemberHub as a parent, your log-in and password are the same.
Log-In for the first time 
  1. Enter your PTA email address.
  2. Choose the 2nd option, “I need to create a password” and enter your first and last name.
  3. Check your inbox and click the link in the confirmation email. Choose a password.
See Video Tutorials:

If you are an officer of your PTA and DO NOT see administrative modules listed on the left-hand panel after you are logged in (Communications, Fundraising, Online Store, Website Builder, Compliance Manager) then you should first, verify that your outgoing officers entered you as a new officer. If you still do not have access, please complete this form to request access to Givebacks/MemberHub.

Request Givebacks Access

Outgoing officers should set-up access for incoming officers! If no-one in your PTA has access to Givebacks, you may request access using this form.