Nominating Committee and Elections

Nominating Committee and Elections

The Nominating Committee is elected by your general membership at least 2 months before elections to identify, vet, and nominate a slate of qualified nominees for the next year’s elected PTA officers. The Nominating Committee is NOT responsible for filling Committee Chair positions. Identifying and selecting committee chairs is the responsibility of the newly elected officers (aka the Executive Committee).

Nominating Committee Basics
  • Committee comprised of odd number of people (not less than 3), who are each a member of your PTA​
  • Although the President should support the work of the Nominating Committee, the President is not a member of the Nominations committee.
  • Nominating committee appoints their own chair
  • Should advertise officer positions, job descriptions, how to self-nominate/apply​, and ensure communications include when the election will be held and how to run from the floor
  • Receive applications (via google form or paper) and maintain a confidential process ​to match candidates with relevant positions​
  • Nominate one (1) eligible member for each officer position.
  • Report its “Slate” of nominees to members at a regular general membership meeting at least thirty (30) days prior to the general membership election meeting.
Please Remember
    • All positions are considered ‘open’ and should be advertised, even if current officers are eligible to serve a consecutive term
    • Elected officer positions, length of terms, and limit on consecutive terms is determined by your PTA’s General Membership and is listed in each PTA’s Organizational Structure Form (stored in your Givebacks Account)
    • Elected officers should not serve more than four consecutive years in the same position
    • Minimum number of officers your PTA should elect year is a President, Treasurer and Secretary
    • There should be ONE (1) person per position. You can have as many Vice Presidents and Committee Chairs as needed to support and distribute the work of your PTA.
FULL Policy Guidance on Nominations and Elections

(Includes candidate questions and meeting election script)

2024 Nominations & Elections Webinar (March 12, 2024)

Join us to learn strategies for building a strong PTA volunteer base, and how to hold a PTA officer election. We will cover the roles and responsibilities of the Nominations Committee, creative ways to recruit and advertise PTA officer positions, how to announce your slate, conduct your elections, and manage any position vacancies.



Timeline for an Officer Election in MAY

Please check your Organizational Structure Form (stored in your Givebacks account) for the date of your elections

  • February: Advertise for Nominations Committee volunteers​. (PTA/Principal newsletters, social media, word of mouth​)
  • March: Elect Nominations Committee at General Membership meeting. Search for officers formally starts!!​
  • April: Announce Slated Candidates, providing 30-days notice of the election (General Membership Mtg, All Media Channels)​
  • May:   Elect Officers at a General Membership Meeting​
  • June 15:  Deadline to submit new officers contact information to Virginia PTA in Givebacks (MemberHub)​
  • June 30th: Officer Transition Complete​