Virginia PTA Uniform Bylaws

Bylaws represent the most important legal document of a PTA. Bylaws define your PTA’s mission, purpose and principles, and link your PTA to Virginia PTA and National PTA. Bylaws additionally define the basic governance of your PTA in accordance with state and federal laws, establish meeting freqency, voting rights, and the duties and responsibilities of elected officers, committees and members. It is critical that all officers understand their bylaws.

About Uniform Bylaws

All PTAs in Virginia operate under the same Uniform Bylaws. Every year, the Uniform Bylaws are revised/updated to incorporate amendments submitted by members and voted on by local unit PTA delegates at the Virginia PTA Annual Meeting. Your PTA doesn’t need to do anything to accept the annual bylaws revision approved at the Virginia PTA Annual Meeting. All PTAs in Virginia are encouraged to send delegates to the Virginia PTA Annual Meeting to participate in discussing and voting on proposed amendments to the Bylaws.

Documenting Adaptations for Your PTA

Each local unit PTA’s General Membership may adopt adaptations to reflect the unique organizational norms of your school PTA operates, such as your officer titles, term length, dues, and meeting notice requirements. Those adaptations of how your PTA operates should be documented on your Local Unit/Council Organizational Structure Form and stored in your unit’s MemberHub/Giveback account within the compliance section. Changes to your Local Unit Organizational Structure Form require 30 days notice and a vote of your PTA’s General Membership.

If you have any questions about the Virginia PTA Uniform Bylaws, please contact your Council PTA or Virginia PTA’s Bylaws & Policy Director at 

Local Unit & Council Uniform Bylaws:

Organizational Structure Form – Adapting Uniform Bylaws

Virginia PTA Bylaws:

Virginia PTA Privacy Policy:

Annual Amendment Process

Annually, Virginia PTA accepts submissions for revisions to the Bylaws that govern PTAs in Virginia. This includes Local Unit, Special Education, Council and Virginia PTA bylaws. Submissions approved by the Virginia PTA Board of Directors will be voted on at the May 18, 2024 Annual Meeting.

All amendment proposals for the 2024 Annual Meeting must be submitted by Friday January 19th. Amendment proposals going to the floor for discussion at the May 18, 2024 Annual Meeting will be distributed to voting delegates no later than 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.