Local Impact Awards

Local PTA Impact Awards

Virginia PTA is pleased recognize and celebrate the impact your volunteer work and school partnerships have made on students, families, and your school community.

We accept self-nominations and nominations from PTA members. However, if your local PTA is part of an active Council, please submit your nominations directly to your Council PTA so Councils may advance their Council-level winners to Virginia PTA.

APRIL 1st = Nominations to from Local Units are Due to Council PTAs
April 15th = Nominations from Council PTAs (and non-Council Local Units) Due to Virginia PTA

Impactful PTA of the Year

Annually, Virginia PTA recognizes outstanding PTAs for their work building parent and family engagement within the school and community and exemplifying the national PTA standards of Family-School partnerships Apply Here 

Volunteer of the Year

Annually, Virginia PTA recognizes an outstanding elementary school and secondary school volunteer who has made a positive impact on their school and its students. This special volunteer does not need to be the person who logs the most volunteer hours or serves as an officer or committee chair but rather someone who has worked to build a strong school community.  Apply Here

Power Partner Principals and Superintendents

This award recognizes principals at the elementary and secondary levels and school division superintendents who have demonstrated that strong family-school partnerships are the key to student success. Nominate a Principal or Superintendent Here




Local unit must be in good standing to be eligible for any award.  Questions?  Contact Submissions@vapta.org