VA PTA Disclaimer

Virginia PTA Disclaimer

The Virginia PTA provides information and services on the Internet as a benefit and service in furtherance of the Virginia PTA and National PTA’s nonprofit and tax exempt status. Many materials and information included in the Virginia PTA web site are reproduced from the National PTA Annual Resources for PTAs, the National PTA web site, and the Virginia PTA Local Unit Resource Guide.

Permission has been granted by the National PTA for PTAs to reproduce and distribute any and all materials contained in the National PTA Annual Resources for PTAs manual and the National PTA Web site for PTA work and use. Unless otherwise noted, PTAs may reproduce and distribute the materials from the Virginia PTA and National PTA Web sites without express written permission. Virginia PTA and National PTA materials may not be duplicated by any other organization or person without written permission.

Although the Virginia PTA site includes links providing direct access to other Internet sites, the Virginia PTA has not participated in the development of those other sites, and does not exert any editorial or other control over those sites.

Provisional Web Site Policies

Privacy Policy

  • Virginia PTA does not sell or rent member information to anyone.
  • To help provide more value for PTA membership, sponsors and member benefit providers may receive limited and restricted opportunities to communicate special offers to our members.
  • Our sponsors and member benefit providers never see the list or have direct access to it.
  • PTA does not allow sponsors or members benefits providers to solicit members under the age of 18, when designated as such.
  • PTA uses state-of-the-art technologies and processes to protect and secure any information it collects.

Linking Policy

The purpose of the Virginia PTA web site is to provide information that is helpful and easy to find. Links to and from our web site are generally encouraged, though some restrictions and disclaimers are appropriate to protect the integrity of Virginia PTA’s web site, content and brand name.


All links from must contain information that is relevant and related to Virginia PTA’s mission. Links to third-party pages that support particular products, services, organizations, political candidates, legislative issues, causes or campaigns are not allowed. Virginia PTA reserves the right to remove a link at any time without cause.


Offering a link does not imply endorsement by Virginia PTA. The fact that we offer a link shall not be used for advertising or promotional purposes. Virginia PTA does not assume responsibility for the content of linked sites and does not independently verify or exert editorial control over information on the linked sites. Virginia PTA shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by or alleged to be caused by use of the linked site in any way.

Removal Process

Virginia PTA reserves the right to remove a link at any time. Links from will be reviewed regularly and may be removed for the following reasons:

  • The link no longer points to the original information or resource.
  • The information pointed to by the link is inaccurate, misleading or violates criteria listed in this policy.
  • The information is no longer relevant to Virginia PTA goals and objectives.
  • The information is not accessible because the page loads too slowly, loads incorrectly, or contains intrusive advertising.

Sites Linking To Virginia PTA

Virginia PTA encourages web sites to link to our site so that the public can view valuable information on the education, safety and welfare of our children. Advance permission is not required before linking, but advance notice is appreciated. Send notices to

While Virginia PTA does not restrict links to our web site, there are criteria that should be met or we will ask that the link be removed. Sites linking to Virginia PTA must not:

  • Replicate content on Virginia PTA’s site (see Permission Policy)
  • Frame content within their site in a way that makes Virginia PTA content appear to originate from within the linking site.
  • Links to should be full forward links that deliver browsers directly to
  • Misrepresent Virginia PTA’s relationship with the linking site or otherwise imply that Virginia PTA endorses or sponsors the linking site in any way.
  • Knowingly publish false or misleading statements or host content that could be construed as obscene, libelous, defamatory, pornographic or inappropriate for any age.

The above criteria also apply to the use of PTA graphics, logos and other material trademarked by PTA.