Submit Officer Information

Submit PTA Executive Board Contact Information

DUE: No later than June 15th, Annually

All PTAs in Virginia are required to submit the names and contact information of their Elected Officers to Virginia PTA pursuant to Code of Virginia for Non-Profits 57-49.5. This enables Virginia PTA to maintain your tax-exempt status and ensures your officers receive newsletters and other important communication to support your PTA. All information is considered the property and confidential information of Virginia PTA and is not shared or sold to any outside party.

Please update your unit’s officer contact information in MemberHub as soon as your officers are elected, but no later than June 15. All annual Standards of Affiliation documents MUST be submitted to Virginia PTA via Givebacks (MemberHub), submitting officer contact information provides your incoming officers with administrative access to your PTA’s account so that they can maintain the Good Standing of your PTA.

MemberHub Add Officers

  • Include ALL officers and committee chairs
  • Include your Principal.
  • YOU MUST UPDATE CONTACTS ANNUALLY, even if it is your second year in a position.
  • If your PTA uses PTA position email address, please enter the names of your new officers.
  • Newly added Officers and Committee Chairs will automatically receive an email from MemberHub welcoming them to the system and providing links to training resources


  1. Log-In to Givebacks (MemberHub)
  2. Click “Compliance” in the left-hand modules menu bar
  3. Click “Submit Officers”
  4. Change the year to 202X-202Y in the right corner of the screen
  5. Click “Add An Officer”
  6. Enter contact information including name, role, and email address.

View Video Tutorial to Submit Officers & Log In For the First Time.

NOTE: You can update officer information through-out the school year if you fill a vacancy or need to change an email address. However, after June 30, past year officer information cannot be updated or removed. Prior year officer information remains in MemberHub for state-level PTA data records and while you can view past year officer information, it can not be edited.


This happens from time to time. It’s okay. You should still provide the contact information for ALL officers that have been elected as of June 15th. Your nominating committee should keep working through the summer to identify candidates for open positions. In the late summer or fall when your General Membership elects an officer for the open position, you can update the contact information following the election.


Many PTA volunteers use PTA specific email addresses to separate PTA work from their personal emails. Not only does this make email management easier but it also helps transition important resources to the incoming officers to maintain continuity within your PTA.

Consider opening a Google For Non-Profits Account to centrally manage all PTA email addresses for your PTA board. The Google for Non-Profits account provides your PTA with access to Forms, Google Meets, and a shared Google Drive. Setting up your Google For Non-Profits account with a domain name enables you to have position specific email addresses like for each of your Board members.

If you are using Google For Non-Profits with a domain name (e.g. then, within your Google For Non-Profits Account, you can also consider “adding an alternate email address” (e.g. also sometimes called an alias to your email account. This would allow you to use 2 different email addresses to send/receive email within the same email box. This can be helpful if you need a unique identifiable email address, but want to maintain continuity from year to year and in newsletters and other external communications using a generic ( email address.

Learn more about how Givebacks/MemberHub can benefit your school community and get resources to help grow PTA Membership in your school.